Dye Process

Hand Painting, Low Immersion and Kettle Dyeing

Emjay uses a variety of techniques in most colourways to create layers of applied colour that work together to create interesting non-pooling fabrics. She combines all-over baths, hand painted low immersion dyeing and splatter speckling to create high contrast and flowing subtle colourways. Emjay’s Yarns are low-pooling, repeatable and consistent.

Kettle Dyeing

Johane uses a process called kettle dyeing where yarn is placed in a vessel, immersed in a water and acid solution and subject to heat. Dyes are added gradually and in unpredictable layers and patterns, creating saturated, flowing colour transitions, rich gradients and pools of varying colours and shades. Johane’s kettle dyed yarns are enerally one or two of a kind, often subtle in colour changes and transitions as the dyes have an opportunity to mingle and blend as they strike, and develops interesting pools of rich colour and drama that is generally less susceptible to pooling because of the unpredictable pattern of repeating colours.