Glam Panda – Thrillseeker (fingering weight)

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Thrillseeker – Partly inspired by insipid soap flavoured purple gum and the thrill of the chase, this yarn is a symphony of black and grey with purple and blue splatter dyed short colour repeats for a non-pooling and highly variegated yarn.

Glam Panda is an incredibly luxurious feeling yarn with the shine and lush feel of bamboo rayon, it drapes as beautifully as a merino silk blend with plenty of loft and great twist and 10% nylon to make it strong and sturdy. Once dyed the vibrant colours taken up by the merino and nylon are heathered by the silvery white sheen of the bamboo fibres that do not absorb dye. As a result, colourways on Glam Panda take on a shiny, frosted look that is lighter in colour.

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