JOMA Yarn Colourway gallery

Emjay’s Signature Colour Stories

The colourways listed below are my signature repeatable colour stories and can be dyed on any base. The colourway recipe is consistent however strikes slightly differently on each base. All colourways listed below are available for wholesale ordering.

Adventurous (Non-Pooling)

Black Pearl (Non-Pooling)

Boosh! (Low-Pooling)

Cake for Breakfast (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Cyborg (Non-Pooling)

Dancing Skelebones (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Discovery (Non-Pooling)

Doctor Hankenskein (Low-Pooling)

Emily Carr (Non-Pooling)

Ferry Ride (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Flash Mob (Non-Pooling)

Friggin’ Skookum (Pooling / Sprinkles)

Frosted Sugar Bombs (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Galloping Goose (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Graffito (Low-Pooling)

Green with Envy (Non-Pooling)

Happiness (Non-Pooling)

Hot Flamingo (Non-Pooling)

Huckleberry Finn (Low-Pooling)

Kackow! (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Kokomo (Non-Pooling)

Knotty Girl (Non-Pooling)

Magnitude (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Melty Crayons (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Nimbus (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Ocean Purl (Non-Pooling)

Old Growth (Non-Pooling)

Painter’s Cove (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Party Star (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Payday (Non-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Ray Gun (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Raspberry Beret (Non-Pooling)

Schoolhouse Paintbox (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Shady Business (Non-Pooling)

Sock it to Me (Non-Pooling)

Stainless (Non-Pooling)

Teenage Wasteland (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

the Dude Abides (Low-Pooling)

the Floor is Lava (Non-Pooling)

Thrillseeker (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Trance (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Tripping Balls (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Unicorn Farts (Non-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Urban Decay (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Valley Girl (Low-Pooling / Sprinkles)

Walking on Sunshine (Non-Pooling)

What a Wookie (Non-Pooling)

Wizard of Awesome (Non-Pooling)